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I Am So So Shanel

I am Shanel

My name is So So Shanel. But everybody calls me So So! I have a passion for fashion, and finding and supplying fabulous clothing pieces. I believe that every woman should feel confident, not only in her skin, but also in the clothing that she puts on that beautiful skin.

I begin my business doing live makeup videos on Facebook, following the death of my beautiful mother. From there, my passion for fashion asd business took off. I like to think of my business as the dream that I didn’t even know that I had. My brand pulled me out of a dark place. For this reason, I have dedicated myself to offering the best possible online experience that I can. And I believe that I am doing an AMAZING job. My customers are the heart and soul of my business, so keeping them all dolled up is my top priority!

Browse around on my online store and see some of the timeless pieces that I have to offer. I truly believe that there is something in my store for just about every taste. I know you will find something you love here. If you aren’t already, follow me on all of my social media to keep up with the latest arrivals to my online boutique, and don’t forget to join my email mailing list at the bottom of the homepage.