Donations For McKemie Place

Please read thoroughly and entirely before donating.

Tis' the season to be giving! A lot of you may know that my good friend, Japonicas "JP" Thurman, works for the only women's homeless shelter in Mobile county and the surrounding area. Recently JP and McKemie Place were featured on the local news. As the holiday season is upon us, the shelter is in need of a van to transport the ladies to and from the shelter. When I heard about this, I thought this would be a great opportunity to raise funds to donate to  McKemie Place. JP works tirelessly, giving her time and energy to the ladies of McKemie Place JP works to help them secure employment and housing, as well as helping them to get back on their feet. It would be an honor to use my platform to aid in raising money to help the staff and ladies of McKemie Place. So here is the deal...

From now until 12.14.2018 at 11:59pm CST make any donation to go towards assisting McKemie Place in getting a transportation van. We will gladly accept any donation towards this cause. But....let's sweeten the deal!

Any donation of $15 will gain you an entry for a chance to win 5 pairs of my 3D Mink Lashes and a $250 shopping credit on my website,

Make all donations between now and 12.14.2018 11:59pm CST. Donate as many times as you would like, but the minimum for an entry to win the prize is $15 minimum  in a single payment. In other words, three separate $5 donations that total up to $15 do not count towards an entry. The entry is earned for single donations of $15 or more. You can make a $30 donation for 2 entries, but not three $10 or smaller donations to total up to $30 for 3 entries. Another example, a $25 donation is good for ONE entry, even if a $5 donation is made by the same person before or after the donation that would create an increment of $15.

The drawing will be held 12.15.2018 at a time to be announced.

Again, McKemie Place will take whatever you can spare, so any donation amount will do, but to donate for an entry to win, the minimum donation is $15. Dig deep and let's give to a good cause for a great person! 

Each $15 increment will count for a single entry. (Example: $15 donation = 1 entry, $30 donation - 2 entries, $45 donation = 3 on and so forth.) The shopping credit can not be combined with any other discount codes or offers. The shopping credit must be used all at one time. Any unused portion  of the shopping credit will be forfeited. The shopping credit will be valid until 01.15.2019 11:59pm CST.

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